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AI-enabled electroencephalography (EEG) and hyperscanning solutions for research, Brain-computer interface (BCI) and other applications

Shape conforming dry-contact electrodes. No gel required.

Battery-powered, wireless and compact devices. Freedom of movement.

Comfortable EEG headwear. Different configurations available for different experiment setups.

Hyperscanning capabilities. Simultaneous synchronized EEG measurements from a group of people.

Lab Streaming Layer support. Provides an easy-to-use infrastructure for your experiments and applications.

Direct access to EEG data. Effortlessly access and integrate data for streamlined experimentation.

SDK available with multiple programming languages supported. Develop your own EEG/BCI applications.

AI-enabled BCI algorithms. Harness the power of AI-driven algorithms for seamless interaction.

BrainAccess offers EEG solutions designed for research, brain-computer interface development, neuromarketing, and beyond.

BrainAccess devices feature dry-contact EEG electrodes, wireless connectivity, and a compact form factor ensuring truly portable applications.

Our software supports Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) protocol and allows recording synchronized EEG measurements together with stimulus onsets or sensor data enabling quick and easy setup of EEG experiments.

Additionally, BrainAccess facilitates hyperscanning - synchronized measurements of the brain activity of multiple people, allowing simultaneous recordings from several devices.

Explore the possibilities with our user-friendly software development kit supporting multiple programming languages, allowing direct control of the devices and the development of EEG end-user applications.

BrainAccess Standard Kit

BrainAccess Standard Kit is a versatile and extremely portable EEG solution. It features an 8 channel BrainAccess MINI electroencephalograph and BrainAccess CAP with
dry-contact shape-conforming electrodes.


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BrainAccess software included

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