BrainAccess EEG hardware is exclusively based on dry-contact electrodes.

The electrodes have been developed to be optimal in terms of size, signal quality, and comfort. They feature 12 gold-plated spikes, each spike is spring-loaded allowing for the electrode to conform to the curvature of the head therefore increasing the comfort when compared to standard dry-contact electrodes. The back of the electrode is shielded to ensure maximum isolation from external noise sources. For EEG measurements where there is no hair, gold-plated pad electrodes are used instead of spike electrodes for improved contact and comfort.

BrainAccess electroencephalographs are wireless, lightweight, battery-powered devices to make them truly portable devices that can be used in different environments. They feature multi-channel EEG inputs with a common reference channel and also additional data inputs such as an accelerometer. They offer active noise suppression and come with shielded mini cables to minimize the effects of the surrounding environment. Multiple electroencephalographs can be connected to the same computer or the same computer network and synchronized for multi-user experiments and applications.

BrainAccess headwear offers usage flexibility. BrainAccess CAP is available in different sizes and with different numbers of electrodes. The CAP follows the standard 10-20 system with a large number of available mounting positions for electrodes. The integrated BrainAccess HALO EEG headband has fixed electrode positions but can adapt to most head sizes and shapes.