BrainAccess HALO

The BrainAccess HALO is a fully integrated EEG headband featuring dry contact electrodes and a 4-channel EEG acquisition system with a common reference channel. The headband is semi-flexible and adjustable and can fit most of the head sizes.


Extremely portable

BrainAccess HALO integrates a full EEG acquisition system (electrodes, electroencephalograph, battery, and Bluetooth connectivity) while maintaining a small form factor making it a truly portable device.

Highly adjustable

The front and back parts of the headband can slide forth and back adapting to different head sizes. Cushioning around electrodes allows for the electrodes to change direction and conform to the curvature of the head. Extra cushions that are removable from the side boxes are provided that increase the band's stability on the head and may be more comfortable for some users.

Long operating times

The HALO is equipped with a high-capacity battery, which ensures long operation times and up to 8 hours of continuous data streaming before the need for charging.

Dry-contact electrodes

There are two frontal electrodes with golden pads and two spring-loaded spike electrodes placed over the occipital cortex region. The reference and bias electrodes are located at the Fpz position.

Controls and Indicators

The user interface for the BrainAccess HALO is located at the bottom of the right side box.

Power button

Touch and hold a touch button for a couple of seconds to turn the device on/off. The blue LED will start breathing once the device is on.

Connection LED

After powering up this LED goes into breathing mode. If a Bluetooth connection is established between a computer and the device it turns solid blue.

Charging port

The device's battery can be charged via a micro-USB port using standard 5V chargers such as mobile phone chargers with a micro-USB plug. The charger should be capable of providing at least 800 mA of current. Do not use the device when charging with chargers powered from grid electricity due to safety reasons and potentially 50/60 Hz noise affecting the signals. The device can be used when charging from a power bank though.

Power LED

It is a red-colored LED that indicates the battery and charging status. If the power LED starts blinking, it indicates that the battery level is below 10%. When the device is charging the LED starts breathing and turns solid red when fully charged.




Bluetooth 4.2


up to 10m (using the provided Bluetooth adapter)

EEG data

Number of channels

4 with a common reference channel

Sampling frequency

250 Hz

Input resolution

24 bits

Analog gain values

1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 24

Input voltage range

4500 mV / gain value (w.r.t. reference channel)


Number of axis


Sampling frequency

50Hz (resampled to 250Hz in software)




10 bits





1500 mAh

Operating time

up to 8 hours (continuous streaming, all channels turned on)

Charging time

2 hours

Charger input

5V 800 mA min (charger not included)

Charger connector






210x201x41 mm