BrainAccess HALO

The BrainAccess HALO is a fully integrated EEG headband featuring dry contact electrodes and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a 4-channel EEG acquisition system with a common reference channel.


Extremely portable

BrainAccess HALO integrates a full EEG acquisition system (electrodes, electroencephalograph, battery and Bluetooth transceiver) while maintaining a small form factor making it a truly portable device.

Superior comfort

BrainAccess HALO is an extremely light and semi-flexible headband that adapts well to the curvature of the head ensuring comfortable wear even for extended periods of time.

Long operating times

The HALO is equipped with a high-capacity battery, which ensures long operation times and up to 8 hours of continuous data streaming before the need for charging.

One size fits all

The size of the band can be easily adjusted and can fit most of the adult head sizes. The band and electrodes themselves are flexible ensuring good electrode contact for different head shapes.

Dry-contact electrodes

The device features dry-contact electrodes and therefore no conductive gel is needed for EEG measurements. The electrodes are gold-plated ensuring their long operation life-time. The electrodes positioned at the back of the head have spring-loaded spikes that ensure good penetration through hair and good comfort.

High-quality EEG signals

Shielding, the use of active ground and the fact that the whole measurement system is integrated into the band -- all help minimizing the effects of external noise sources on EEG recordings.

Controls and Indicators

The minimalistic user interface for the BrainAccess HALO is located on the left side box.

Power button

Press and hold a power button for a couple of seconds to turn the device on/off. The device will vibrate to indicate turn on/off. The blue LED will start breathing once the device is on.

BrainAccess HALO - BrainAccess

Charging port

The device's battery can be charged via USB-C port using standard 5V chargers such as mobile phone chargers. The charger should be capable of providing at least 800 mA of current. The charger cable is included. Note that the device cannot be used while charging.

LED indicator

The breathing blue light indicates that the device is turned on. If a Bluetooth connection is established between a computer and the device it turns solid blue. When the battery level drops below 15% the red light fast-blinks a couple of times on each 1% drop. When the device is charging, the red light is fading-in. Once fully charged the red light turns off.




 Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)


 up to 15m (using the provided Bluetooth adapter)

EEG data

Number of channels

4 with a common reference channel

Sampling frequency

250 Hz

Input resolution

24 bits

Analog gain values

1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 24

Input voltage range

4500 mV / gain value (w.r.t. reference channel)





550 mAh

Operating time

up to 9 hours (continuous streaming, all channels turned on)

Charging time

2 hours

Charger input

5V 800 mA min (charger not included)

Charger connector




 70 g


 53-58 cm