BrainAccess SDK

BrainAccess SDK is a collection of libraries for controlling the devices, streaming, and preprocessing EEG data. The libraries can be accessed via C or Python API. This gives the user direct control of the devices and access to EEG data and offers integration capabilities into the user’s applications. Below is the list of BrainAccess SDK components.

BrainAccess SDK component schema
BrainAccess SDK component schema

BrainAccess Core

BrainAccess Core library provides an interface with BrainAccess electroencephalographs. It enables control of the device, configuration of acquisition parameters, and streaming of EEG data to the computer.

The library gives full control of the device for selecting recording channels and their gains,  streaming EEG data, and other additional input data if it is available on the device. It also allows monitoring of the state of the device such as battery voltage and level.

BrainAccess Core library features asynchronous requests, callback-driven EEG data acquisition, and supports multiple devices through the same Bluetooth adapter.

BrainAccess BCI Connect

BrainAccess BCI connect library includes functions required for EEG signal preprocessing such as detrending, filtering, and other typical utilities. It also comes with several BCI algorithms based on the main BCI paradigms, such as SSVEP and P300. Please refer to the API documentation for more information on the algorithms and the needed EEG setups as they may be different for specific algorithms.


BrainAccess SDK can be interfaced through C and Python API. Python API is provided as a BrainAccess Python package and should be installed using pip.

Documentation for C and Python API can be found on the respective pages below:

Support for Matlab

Currently, BrainAccess SDK does not have Matlab API. However, Matlab users can use BrainAccess Board (link) to stream data to the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) and use the Matlab LSL library to catch the data stream from the Board. Please contact us (link) for more information.


Download BrainAccess SDK from the Download Centre. Extract the downloaded archive to access SKD components.


Windows 10 or newer and Ubuntu 18.04 or newer are supported.