BrainAccess Standard Kit Setup

BrainAccess CAP has smaller and larger holes. Smaller holes should be used for electrode attachment to the cap and larger holes for the cables to pass from the inner part of the cap to the outer. The BrainAccess Standard Kit comes with 8 dry-contact electrodes with spring-loaded spikes and 2 dry-contact electrodes with pads that are mounted at forehead positions. Follow the steps below for setting up the cap.

  1. Mount BrainAccess MINI electroencephalograph at the back of the cap using velcro tape.
  2. Place the electrode at the desired location and use the clip to attach the electrode to the cap.
  3. Connect one end of the provided ultra-mini coaxial cable to the socket on the electrode.
  4. Pass the other end of the cable through the nearest larger hole to the outer side of the cap and connect to the BrainAccess MINI. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all the required electrodes are installed on the cap.

Note: The standard BrainAccess setup with electrode positions and corresponding input channels on the BrainAccess MINI are given below. Use cables of appropriate length when connecting electrodes to MINI.

Bias – Fp2

Reference – Fp1

0 – F3

1 – F4

2 – C3

3 – C4

4 – P3

5 – P4

6 – O1

7 – O2

Follow the tutorial for BrainAccess Board to connect the MINI device to the computer and start streaming and recording EEG data.