BrainAccess HALO

400  Excl. VAT

An integrated EEG Headband

BrainAccess HALO is a wireless, portable EEG headband with 4 channel acquisition system. It is equipped with dry contact electrodes positioned over the forehead and occipital regions with reference at Fpz. It is ideal for monitoring visual cortex and eye movement activity.



Dry contact electrodes

Hassle free setup.

2 occipital and 2 forehead electrodes

Referential montage with reference at Fpz location.


Adjustable to fit most head sizes & shapes.

Superior comfort

Enhanced cushioning around electrodes & optional cushions for side boxes.

Seamless connectivity

Complete control & data streaming via Bluetooth.

Long-lasting battery

Up to 8 hours of continuous data streaming.

Hyperscanning supported

Multiple HALO or other BrainAccess devices can be used for simultaneous synchronized EEG measurements.

Free software included

BrainAccess Board and BrainAccess SDK.


  • BrainAccess HALO headband
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • 2 x optional cushions for side support
  • BrainAccess software: BrainAccess Board and BrainAccess SDK.