BrainAccess HALO

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BrainAccess HALO is an integrated EEG headband with 4 channel EEG acquisition system.

It features:

  • Dry contact electrodes: 2 at the frontal region, 2 at occipital region and one common reference electrode.
  • Adjustable size: it can fit most heads of different sizes and shapes.
  • Comfortable: cushioning around the electrodes with 2 optional cushions on the side boxes for additional support and stability.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: all the control and data streaming is over Bluetooth connection.
  • Long operation time: equipped with a large capacity battery, can continuously stream data for up to 8 hours.
  • Free BrainAccess software: BrainAccess Board for interfacing with the device, saving and streaming EEG data and also accessing EEG and BCI apps. Alternatively, BrainAccess SDK can be used for developing your own applications or solutions. It comes with C/C++ and Python API.

All the specifications and user manual can be found on the hardware resources page.

Package Contents:

The contents of BrainAccess HALO EEG headband:

  • BrainAccess HALO headband
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • 2 x optional cushions for side support
  • BrainAccess software (available at Download Centre)