BrainAccess HALO - an Integrated EEG Headband is Released - BrainAccess

Here at, we are glad to announce the release of BrainAccess HALO headband. The headband is a dry-contact electroencephalography (EEG) solution that integrates electrodes, adjustable headwear and electroencephalograph with Bluetooth connectivity into a single semi-flexible band. 

The headband features 4 dry contact electrodes (Fp1, Fp2, O1 and O2) with a common reference electrode located at Fpz position. Therefore, it is ideal for monitoring brainwaves, brain activity related to visual processes, as well as eye and facial muscle movements.

The band is adjustable and can fit most head shapes and sizes. The headband cushioning allows for electrodes to fit to the curvature of the head and provide extra support for increased comfort.

While HALO is a smaller EEG system, when compared to BrainAccess Standard EEG kit or Extended Kits, its small form factor, portability and affordable price can be of huge advantage in BCI applications.

The specifications for BrainAccess HALO device can be found here.

BrainAccess HALO is supported by BrainAccess software.

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